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貨號: 2230700036 列印商品資訊

洽詢電話 : 02-25211972 / 03-6566306
客服信箱 : cs@mtoptics.com

ZEISS AXIO SCOPE A1 DIC德國蔡司高解析多功能金相顯微鏡

More fl exible in every component. More economical
in every confi guration. Axio Scope is
your microscope down to the last detail.

Modularity has always been a prerequisite for customized microscope confi gurations. However, modularity has never before been implemented so consistently. This new versatile stand from Carl Zeiss is your microscope in every respect. With its unusual fl exibility, it can be used universally – and yet, it can be individually tailored to your applications. More affordable than ever because you only buy what you need. Axio Scope can be easily upgraded to meet your growing demands. You will be equally impressed by the cost benefi ts and the performance. Axio Scope – the upright routine microscope for industrial applications.

A vast number of stand versions and interfaces result in unusual fl exibility. This means, confi guring your Axio Scope in whatever way is useful for you. Functionally and economically.

New modularity
Axio Scope is as individual as the applications that you use
it for. You can customize your stand from fi ve upper parts,
three lower parts and two Vario columns, from simple
to more complex tasks. For transmitted-light, refl ectedlight
or both techniques. What is important is that
you no longer invest in functions that you don’t use.
A tangible advantage for your budget.

Affordable upgrading

Simpler and less costly – the modular interface concept
of Axio Scope makes future upgrades quite simple. An
attractive economical aspect as you can install many of
the components yourself without a service engineer.

Versatile range of use
Axio Scope provides a range of uses which are as versatile
as the tasks found in industry and research. They
range from simple routine applications to more complex
research projects. From quality control to material analysis
and development. From surface examination and
structure characterization to complex digital analysis.


Microscope stand "Axio Scope.A1"HAL 50,HAL100/HBO,6xHD DIC*1
100 HAL lamp housing with collector*1
Power supply 12V DC 100W stabilized*1
Stage carrier D/A: attachable and vertically adjustable*1
Mechanical stage 75x50 R crgon. Drive, fixed position*1
Specimen holder plate for slides*1
Condenser carrier with vertically adjustment*1
Condenser 0.9/1.25H*1
Binocular phototube 30/23(50/50)*1
Eyepiece PL 10x/23 Br.foc.*1
Dust protection Set M*1
Reflector turret 4x man,changeable,for P&C modules*1
Reflector module H ACR Reflector module brightfield ACR P&C reflected light *1
Reflector module DF P&C ACR Reflector module brightfield ACR P&C for reflected light*1
Reflector module DIC/POL ACR P&C for reflected light*1
Objective EC "Epiplan" 5x/0.13 M27 HD*1
Objective EC "Epiplan" 10x/0.2 M27 HD*1
Objective EC "Epiplan" 20x/0.4 M27 HD*1
Objective EC "Epiplan" 50x/0.7 M27 HD*1
Objective EC "Epiplan"100x/0.8 M27 HD*1
Filter slider A 14x40 mm, 2 positions for filter diameter *1
Stop slider A 14x14mm with Illuminous field diaphragm*1
White balance filter D=25*1
Stop Slider A 14x14mm wth operture stop*1
DIC Slider EC EP 5x~20x
DIC Slider EC EP 50x/0.7
DIC Slider EC EP 100x/0.8